Coastal, Inc. guarantees the integrity of our security staff, procedures, systems and equipment in all of our locations. If a breach were to occur, we will make the necessary changes as quickly as possible. We always pay attention to detail, from blown lights, camera movements to unannounced visitors. The safety and security of your property is our highest priority.

Climate Control
cswu climate control inside 1We guarantee that our climate control units are in top condition. We regularly service our systems. At Coastal, Inc., we are aware that some items are susceptible to damage from exposure to extreme temperatures, that's why we offer storeroom solutions that include climate control. Coastal, Inc. maintains a steady room temperature range to store your gear all year round.

cswu climate control inside 1

Building Integrity
Coastal, Inc. guarantees the integrity of all our security structures. On a regular basis, we check areas that can be prone to wear and watch constantly for any possible leaks or weaknesses in structure and gating. A safe storeroom in each of our locations means peace of mind wherever you are.